Mineral depletion of soil accelerates, putting humans at risk.

Some sources now indicate that it is becoming clear that nutrient mineral depletion in the soil is accelerating. Combined with fossil fuel sources for some nutrients now used means a downward spiral for human well-being. 

Mineral depletion has long been an issue for growers. Every crop planted absorbs nutrients from the soil which are not replaced. After years of repeated planting and harvesting, nutrients left in the soil become less and less.

Modern day fertilizers give plants some nutrients, enough for growth and enough to keep up crop yields. But, basic nutrients humans need for health have been lost.

Steadily and alarmingly, humans have been depleting Earth’s soil resources faster than the nutrients can be replenished. If this trajectory does not change, soil erosion, combined with the effects of climate change, will present a huge risk to global food security over the next century, warns a review paper authored by some of the top soil scientists in the country. [Via news.berkeley.edu]

And it doesn’t look like it is getting any better.

Scientists warn that humans have been depleting soil at rates that are orders of magnitude greater than our current ability to replenish it. They say that fixing this imbalance is critical to global food security over the next century. [Via news.berkeley.edu]

There may be solutions to the problem, but only if crop production and the large fertilizer industry allow for it.

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